Commit 8daeb82f authored by Hib Eris's avatar Hib Eris Committed by Carlos Garcia Campos

gtk-doc: Fix API documentation for poppler_page_free_annot_mapping()

Remove reference to non existent method poppler_annot_free() and use
ref/unref instead of copy/free.

Bug #45549.
parent f8ce9966
......@@ -1402,9 +1402,9 @@ poppler_page_get_annot_mapping (PopplerPage *page)
* #PopplerAnnotMapping<!-- -->s
* Frees a list of #PopplerAnnotMapping<!-- -->s allocated by
* poppler_page_get_annot_mapping(). It also frees the #PopplerAnnot<!-- -->s
* poppler_page_get_annot_mapping(). It also unreferences the #PopplerAnnot<!-- -->s
* that each mapping contains, so if you want to keep them around, you need to
* copy them with poppler_annot_copy().
* reference them with g_object_ref().
poppler_page_free_annot_mapping (GList *list)
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