Commit 7bb75cc5 authored by Elliott Sales de Andrade's avatar Elliott Sales de Andrade Committed by Albert Astals Cid
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regtest: Fix file opened in wrong mode.

parent d02d1a1e
...@@ -331,9 +331,8 @@ class HTMLReport: ...@@ -331,9 +331,8 @@ class HTMLReport:
html += failed + crashed + failed_to_run + "</body></html>" html += failed + crashed + failed_to_run + "</body></html>"
report_index = os.path.join(self._htmldir, 'index.html') report_index = os.path.join(self._htmldir, 'index.html')
f = open(report_index, 'wb') with open(report_index, 'w') as f:
f.write(html) f.write(html)
if launch_browser: if launch_browser:
subprocess.Popen(['xdg-open', report_index]) subprocess.Popen(['xdg-open', report_index])
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