Commit 3f4164f8 authored by Hib Eris's avatar Hib Eris Committed by Carlos Garcia Campos
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gtk-doc: Fix build when builddir != srcdir

Bug #45549.
parent 8daeb82f
......@@ -14,11 +14,11 @@ DOC_MODULE=poppler
# The top-level SGML file. You can change this if you want to.
# The directory containing the source code. Relative to $(srcdir).
# gtk-doc will search all .c & .h files beneath here for inline comments
# documenting the functions and macros.
# e.g. DOC_SOURCE_DIR=../../../gtk
# Directories containing the source code.
# gtk-doc will search all .c and .h files beneath these paths
# for inline comments documenting functions and macros.
# e.g. DOC_SOURCE_DIR=$(top_srcdir)/gtk $(top_srcdir)/gdk
DOC_SOURCE_DIR=$(top_builddir)/glib $(top_srcdir)/glib
# Extra options to pass to gtkdoc-scangobj. Not normally needed.
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