Verified Commit 57837161 authored by Daniel Llewellyn's avatar Daniel Llewellyn
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os: Ignore dying client in ResetCurrentRequest

You might as well, it's harmless. Better, some cleanup code (like DRI2
swap wait) needs to run both normally and at client exit, so it
simplifies the callers to not need to check first. See 4308f5d3 for a
similar example.

Props: @ajax (Adam Jackson)

Fixes: xorg/xserver#211

Signed-off-by: Daniel Llewellyn's avatarDaniel Llewellyn <>
parent b6a5389e
......@@ -557,6 +557,11 @@ void
ResetCurrentRequest(ClientPtr client)
OsCommPtr oc = (OsCommPtr) client->osPrivate;
/* ignore dying clients */
if (!oc)
register ConnectionInputPtr oci = oc->input;
register xReq *request;
int gotnow, needed;
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