Commit 42876044 authored by Michel Dänzer's avatar Michel Dänzer Committed by Peter Hutterer
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Xephyr: Cast "red" to char* for xcb_aux_parse_color

xcb_aux_parse_color takes a non-const pointer, even though it doesn't
modify the string or take ownership of its memory.

Avoids the following warning from GCC:

../hw/kdrive/ephyr/hostx.c: In function ‘hostx_init’:
../hw/kdrive/ephyr/hostx.c:683:30: warning: passing argument 1 of ‘xcb_aux_parse_color’ discards ‘const’ qualifier from pointer target type [-Wdiscarded-qualifiers]
  683 |     if (!xcb_aux_parse_color("red", &red, &green, &blue)) {
      |                              ^~~~~
In file included from ../hw/kdrive/ephyr/hostx.c:50:
/usr/include/xcb/xcb_aux.h:194:27: note: expected ‘char *’ but argument is of type ‘const char *’
  194 | xcb_aux_parse_color(char *color_name,
      |                     ~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~
parent 65387391
......@@ -680,7 +680,7 @@ hostx_init(void)
if (!xcb_aux_parse_color("red", &red, &green, &blue)) {
if (!xcb_aux_parse_color((char*)"red", &red, &green, &blue)) {
xcb_lookup_color_cookie_t c =
xcb_lookup_color(HostX.conn, xscreen->default_colormap, 3, "red");
xcb_lookup_color_reply_t *reply =
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