1. 30 Aug, 2007 2 commits
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      xace: drop map-window checking hook, add new hooks for controlling the · e3969478
      Eamon Walsh authored
      delivery of events to windows and clients.
      This is tentative.  It's likely that an additional last-resort hook will
      be necessary for code that calls TryClientEvents or WriteEventsToClient
      directly.  It's also possible that new xace machinery will be necessary
      to classify events and pull useful resource ID's out of them.
      The failure case also needs some thinking through.  Should event delivery
      "succeed" or should it report undeliverable?
      Finally, XKB appears to call WriteToClient to pass events.  Sigh.
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      Refactor PictureInitIndexedFormats. · 6f44a2c8
      Adam Jackson authored
      The plural version is now static, which is fine since it was only ever called
      from within picture post-init anyway.  The body of the work is now done with
      a one-shot (public) function that operates on a single format at a time.
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      Implement core protocol backing store exclusively in terms of Composite. · ae7f71a8
      Adam Jackson authored
      Composite's automatic redirection is a more general mechanism than the
      ad-hoc BS machinery, so it's much prettier to implement the one in terms
      of the other.  Composite now wraps ChangeWindowAttributes and activates
      automatic redirection for windows with backing store requested.  The old
      backing store infrastructure is completely gutted: ABI-visible structures
      retain the function pointers, but they never get called, and all the
      open-coded conditionals throughout the DIX layer to implement BS are gone.
      Note that this is still not a strictly complete implementation of backing
      store, since Composite will throw the bits away on unmap and therefore
      WhenMapped and Always hints are equivalent.
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      Remove files made obsolete by pci-rework. · 4eed88af
      Ian Romanick authored
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