Commit e9cb70da authored by Keith Packard's avatar Keith Packard

Reset available offscreen segment save function pointer. (Not a functional

    change, just cleaning up a bit)
Reset the screen->memory_base value when frame buffer is remapped. This
    makes sure new off-screen allocations point at the newly mapped region
    rather than the old (now unmapped) region.
parent f333581b
......@@ -259,6 +259,7 @@ KdOffscreenFree (ScreenPtr pScreen, KdOffscreenArea *area)
KdOffscreenValidate (pScreen);
area->state = KdOffscreenAvail;
area->save = 0;
* Find previous area
......@@ -1360,6 +1360,7 @@ vesaEnable(ScreenPtr pScreen)
if (!pscr->fb)
return FALSE;
screen->fb[0].frameBuffer = (CARD8 *)(pscr->fb);
screen->memory_base = pscr->fb;
* Set frame buffer mapping
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