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  • v1.3
    a6e65884 · Release 1.3 ·
    Release v1.3

    This is a data-only bug-fix release:

    • Removed some wrong Cangjie codes. They were codes for some Simplified Chinese characters, which had been added incorrectly to the Traditional Chinese characters, as a (wrong) way to map Traditional to Simplified Chinese. (Koala Yeung)
    • Fixed a few incorrect Cangjie 3 codes. These just weren't following proper Cangjie decomposition rules. (Koala Yeung)
    • Added a missing Cangjie 3 code. (Koala Yeung)

    All in all, these should improve the inputting experience of users, and doesn't break the ABI/API.

    As a result, we recommend upgrading for all users.

  • v1.2
    83485fad · Release 1.2 ·
    Release v1.2

    This is a minor release.

    Bug Fixes

    • Handle failures in the libcangjie_cli tool correctly, instead of crashing a segmentation fault. (Sam)
    • Fixed a couple of typos in the libcangjie_cli tool which prevented it from working properly for some filter values. (Mathieu Bridon)
    • Use /bin/sh for the autogen.sh script, to improve cross-platform compatibility. (Sam)
    • Fixed a bunch of issues in our Cangjie code data. (Mathieu Bridon, Koala Yeung, Wan Leung Wong, Antony Ho)

    Docs Improvements

    • Added installation instructions for Arch Linux (Antony Ho) and NixOS. (Sam)
    • Removed an obsolete (and confusing) notice about release tarballs. (Mathieu Bridon)
    • Added missing hiragana filter to the libcangjie_cli help. (Mathieu Bridon)
  • v1.1
    ee02ce17 · Release 1.1 ·
    Release v1.1
    • Fix typo in data/README.table.rst (Sam)
    • Add docs to the tarball (Mathieu Bridon)
    • Add a link to the release tarballs in the README (Mathieu Bridon)
    • Correct typo of README file (Anthony Ho)
    • Improve the benchmark tool (Mathieu Bridon)
    • Add a missing copyright header to the benchmark tool (Mathieu Bridon)
    • Various code improvements (Mathieu Bridon, with help from clang's scan-build)
    • Code refactoring of the filter handling (Dridi Boukelmoune)
    • Add install instructions for a few distributions (Mathieu Bridon)
    • Document libcangjie_cli (Mathieu Bridon)
  • v1.0
    d759bc57 · Release 1.0 ·
    Release v1.0

    Our first stable release.