Commit d74f9644 authored by Jochen Henneberg's avatar Jochen Henneberg Committed by Sebastian Dröge

flacdec: Caps may have changed on FLAC metadata change

If the decoder signals metadata change we need to update the output
format and negotiate with downstream elements.
parent a5d71c59
......@@ -489,6 +489,11 @@ gst_flac_dec_metadata_cb (const FLAC__StreamDecoder * decoder,
metadata->data.stream_info.channels, position);
gst_audio_decoder_set_output_format (GST_AUDIO_DECODER (flacdec),
gst_audio_decoder_negotiate (GST_AUDIO_DECODER (flacdec));
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (flacdec, "blocksize: min=%u, max=%u",
flacdec->min_blocksize, flacdec->max_blocksize);
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (flacdec, "sample rate: %u, channels: %u",
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