Commit 9d925791 authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête 👻 Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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rtpsession: Use existing functions to parse RTCP FB packets

Use existing functions to get the FCI from FB packets.
parent 5ccd964d
......@@ -2177,27 +2177,29 @@ rtp_session_process_feedback (RTPSession * sess, GstRTCPPacket * packet,
GstRTCPFBType fbtype = gst_rtcp_packet_fb_get_type (packet);
guint32 sender_ssrc = gst_rtcp_packet_fb_get_sender_ssrc (packet);
guint32 media_ssrc = gst_rtcp_packet_fb_get_media_ssrc (packet);
guint length = 4 * (gst_rtcp_packet_get_length (packet) - 2);
guint8 *fci_data = gst_rtcp_packet_fb_get_fci (packet);
guint fci_length = 4 * gst_rtcp_packet_fb_get_fci_length (packet);
GST_DEBUG ("received feedback %d:%d from %08X about %08X"
" with FCI of length %d", type, fbtype, sender_ssrc, media_ssrc, length);
GST_DEBUG ("received feedback %d:%d from %08X about %08X with FCI of "
"length %d", type, fbtype, sender_ssrc, media_ssrc, fci_length);
if (g_signal_has_handler_pending (sess,
rtp_session_signals[SIGNAL_ON_FEEDBACK_RTCP], 0, TRUE)) {
GstBuffer *fci = NULL;
GstBuffer *fci_buffer = NULL;
if (length) {
fci = gst_buffer_create_sub (packet->buffer, packet->offset + 72, length);
GST_BUFFER_TIMESTAMP (fci) = arrival->running_time;
if (fci_length > 0) {
fci_buffer = gst_buffer_create_sub (packet->buffer,
fci_data - GST_BUFFER_DATA (packet->buffer), fci_length);
GST_BUFFER_TIMESTAMP (fci_buffer) = arrival->running_time;
g_signal_emit (sess, rtp_session_signals[SIGNAL_ON_FEEDBACK_RTCP], 0,
type, fbtype, sender_ssrc, media_ssrc, fci);
type, fbtype, sender_ssrc, media_ssrc, fci_buffer);
if (fci)
gst_buffer_unref (fci);
if (fci_buffer)
gst_buffer_unref (fci_buffer);
if (sess->rtcp_feedback_retention_window) {
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