Commit 7d9c2d20 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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rtpbin: add to new signal to remove SSRC pads

parent 6c684e59
......@@ -493,27 +493,18 @@ find_stream_by_ssrc (GstRtpBinSession * session, guint32 ssrc)
static void
ssrc_demux_pad_removed (GstElement * element, GstPad * pad,
ssrc_demux_pad_removed (GstElement * element, guint ssrc, GstPad * pad,
GstRtpBinSession * session)
guint ssrc;
GstRtpBinStream *stream = NULL;
gchar *name;
gint res;
name = gst_pad_get_name (pad);
res = sscanf (name, "src_%d", &ssrc);
g_free (name);
if (res != 1)
if ((stream = find_stream_by_ssrc (session, ssrc))) {
if ((stream = find_stream_by_ssrc (session, ssrc)))
session->streams = g_slist_remove (session->streams, stream);
free_stream (stream);
if (stream)
free_stream (stream);
/* create a session with the given id. Must be called with RTP_BIN_LOCK */
......@@ -2093,7 +2084,7 @@ create_recv_rtp (GstRtpBin * rtpbin, GstPadTemplate * templ, const gchar * name)
session->demux_newpad_sig = g_signal_connect (session->demux,
"new-ssrc-pad", (GCallback) new_ssrc_pad_found, session);
session->demux_padremoved_sig = g_signal_connect (session->demux,
"pad-removed", (GCallback) ssrc_demux_pad_removed, session);
"removed-ssrc-pad", (GCallback) ssrc_demux_pad_removed, session);
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (rtpbin, "ghosting session sink pad");
session->recv_rtp_sink_ghost =
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