Commit 324f8c7f authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵
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qtmux: Correctly set tkhd width/height to the display size

It was previously set to the display aspect ratio, e.g. 4x3, 16x9, etc.
but should be set to the display size.

This is a regression from e655d47d
(1.5.1) and was correct before that.
parent 30114260
......@@ -4349,11 +4349,8 @@ atom_trak_set_video_type (AtomTRAK * trak, AtomsContext * context,
/* ISO file spec says track header w/h indicates track's visual presentation
* (so this together with pixels w/h implicitly defines PAR) */
if (par_n && (context->flavor != ATOMS_TREE_FLAVOR_MOV)) {
/* Assumes square pixels display */
if (!gst_video_calculate_display_ratio (&dwidth, &dheight, entry->width,
entry->height, par_n, par_d, 1, 1)) {
GST_WARNING ("Could not calculate display ratio");
dwidth = entry->width * par_n / par_d;
dheight = entry->height;
atom_trak_set_video_commons (trak, context, scale, dwidth, dheight);
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