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Bump release to 1.12.18

parent 873bed01
Release 1.12.18 (2014-11-06 Bryce Harrington <>)
By popular demand, here is an update of the 1.12 series. This provides
an array of important bug fix patches cherrypicked from the 1.14
series. Also included is the distcheck warnings cleanup work.
Note that glib 2.14 is now required for g_once_init_enter(), etc. in
Bug Fixes
Don't embed CMYK JPEG images since SVG viewers don't have support
Fix regression in the embedding of mime-data in PDF
Fix hardcoding of awk; search $PATH instead
Fix stroke-clipped for dashed strokes, etc.
Fix rectangle stroke with non-rectilinear pens in PDF
Fix imagemask with pattern source on certain PS printers
Fix font names in generated PDF when they have white space or
delimiter characters.
Fix crash in pixman_image_composite32()
Fix issue with modification of all-clipped cairo_clip_t, causing a
write to read-only memory.
Fix segfault in firefox when scrolling certain pages.
Fix potential double free.
Fix check for image surface for inplace upload.
Fix crash in sweep_line_delete on video playback by prefiltering
zero-area boxes when converting traps, given a traps tesselator like
Fix cache_frozen assertions on Win32.
Fix image scale when GDI scale is not identity on windows.
Fix build with --enable-pdf=no
Fix build for Qt backend
Fix typo in _cairo_int128_negate and _cairo_int128_not
implementations, which could be a problem on systems without a
uint128 type.
Use setpagedevice to set page size
Add font DSC comments
Remove LTO support.
Various improvements to code documentation, tons of warnings and
distcheck cleanup and fixes, and repairs to a slew of tests.
Release 1.12.16 (2013-08-21 Chris Wilson <>)
Thanks to everybody who reported a bug and helped us develop a fix,
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