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1.15.10 release

Signed-off-by: default avatarBryce Harrington <>
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Release 1.15.10 (2017-12-07 Bryce Harrington <>)
This release adds GLESv3 support to the cairo_gl backend, adds
tracking of SVG units in generated svg documents, and cleans up numerous
test failures and related issues in the PDF and Postscript backends.
For a complete log of changes, please see
Features and Enhancements
* Add support for OpenGL ES 3.0 to the gl backend.
* Use Reusable streams for forms in Level 3 Postscript.
* Add CAIRO_MIME_TYPE_EPS mime type for embedding EPS files.
* Add CCITT_FAX mime type for PDF and PS surfaces
* svg: add a new function to specify the SVG document unit
(Bug #90166)
* Use UTF-8 filenames on Windows
API Changes
* cairo_svg_surface_set_document_unit() and
Dependency Changes
Performance Optimizations
Bug Fixes
* Fix regression in gles version detection
* Fix undefined-behavior with integer math.
* Handle SOURCE and CLEAR operators when painting color glyphs.
(Bug #102661)
* Convert images to rgba or a8 formats when uploading with GLESv2
* Use _WIN32 instead of windows.h to check for windows build.
* Fix sigabrt printing documents with fonts lacking the mandatory .nodef
(Bug #102922)
* Prevent curved strokes in small ctms from being culled from vector
(Bug #103071)
* Fix painting an unbounded recording surface with the SVG backend.
* Fix falling back to system font with PDFs using certain embedded
fonts, due to truncated font names.
(Bug #103249)
* Fix handling of truetype fonts with excessively long font names
(Bug #103249)
* Fix race conditions with cairo_mask_compositor_t
(Bug #103037)
* Fix build error with util/font-view
* Fix assertion hit with PDFs using Type 4 fonts rendered with user
fonts, due to error when destroying glyph page.
(Bug #103335)
* Set default creation date for PDFs
* Prevent invalid ptr access for > 4GB images.
(Bug #98165)
* Prevent self-copy infinite loop in Postscript surface.
* Fix padded image crash in Postscript surface.
* Fix annotation bugs in PDFs and related memory leaks
* Fix test failures and other assorted issues in ps and pdf code.
* Fix code generation when using GCC legacy atomic operations
(Bug #103559)
* Fix various compilation warnings and errors.
* Fix various distcheck errors with private symbols, doxygen formatting,
Release 1.15.8 (2017-08-29 Bryce Harrington <>)
This small snapshot provides new colored emoji glyph support, and a
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