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1.12.16 release

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Release 1.12.16 (2013-08-21 Chris Wilson <>)
Thanks to everybody who reported a bug and helped us develop a fix,
we have amassed quite a few bug fixes. There are still more outstanding
bugs that seek attention and a little bit of TLC, but this release has
been delayed long enough...
Bug fixes
Set the correct orientation for simple boxes with a negative scale
Fix the creation of the shading dictionary in PDF.
Fix a crash in PDF when incorporating an image with CAIRO_EXTEND_PAD.
Avoid upscaling bitmap fonts if possible.
Fix an assertion failure within the mempool allocator for shared memory.
Fix allocation size for CFF subsets.
Export cairo_matrix_t for GObject bindings.
Fix a double free in the Quartz backend.
Fix origin of GDI StretchBlits for the Windows backend
Fix error propagation for requests to create a similar surface with
negative size.
Fix complex clipping of trapezoids with regions
Stop leaking the image data when loading PNGs
Fix unbounded operations with a clip mask through the span compositor
Add missing checks before rendering to a finished surface - so we return
an error rather than hit an assert.
Prevent an assertion failure when creating similar GL surfaces larger
than supported by hardware.
Prevent a double free of a similar image under Windows.
Release 1.12.14 (2013-02-10 Chris Wilson <>)
In the last week we had a few more bugs reported and promptly resolved.
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