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Cairo 1.18.0 (release)

The first stable cairo release in five years should be cause for celebration.

All the API added in the 1.17 development cycle is now considered stable, and
will not change.

Many thanks to all the contributors for this release.

The cairo-sphinx tool has been removed; we could not find any instruction on
how to use it, and no user answered our call for help. If you were using
cairo-sphinx, please reach out to the cairo maintainers.

Cairo now implements Type 3 color fonts for PDF. Thanks to Adrian Johnson for
his work on this feature.

Khaled Hosny contributed multiple documentation fixes, to ensure that the
cairo API reference is up to date. Khaled also fixed multiple compiler
warnings generated when building cairo.

The XML surface has been removed; it was disabled by default when building
cairo, and we could not find any downstream distributor that would enable

The Tee surface is now automatically enabled. Downstream distributors of
cairo have been enabling for years it in order to build Firefox.

Fujii Hironori and Adrian Johnson fixed multiple issues with the DWrite
font backend.

John Ralls improved the Quartz surface; mainly, Quartz surfaces now use
the main display ColorSpace, speeding up rendering operations.

Cairo now hides all private symbols by default on every platform; the old
"slim" symbols hack to alias internally used symbols has been dropped, in
favor of using `-Bsymbolic-functions` with toolchains that support it.

Uli Schlachter fixed multiple memory leaks in the code base and test suite,
and helped with many reviews and general maintenance.

Marc Jeanmougin added new API to expose the Pixman dithering filter to cairo
patterns; this is currently implemented only for image surfaces.