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    • Benjamin Otte's avatar
      [xlib] DO_XCOPYAREA and DO_XTILE optimizations break with Window source · c4cc2247
      Benjamin Otte authored and M. Pihlaja's avatar M. Pihlaja committed
      Cairo should include the contents of subwindows when using a Window as a
      source but will clip to subwindows when using a Window as a destination.
      This can be set using the GC's subwindow_mode.
      XCopyArea and XFillRectangle can however only use one GC for both source
      and destination. Cairo's mode is set to (the default) ClipByChildren.
      This means that copying from a Window is broken, so we only allow the
      optimization when we know that the source is a Pixmap.
      The performance impact of this change has not been tested. It should be
      small, as the code will use XRender otherwise.
      If it turns out to be a bigger impact, the optimizations could be
      improved by doing a two-step copy process:
      1) Copy to an intermediate Pixmap with IncludeInferiors
      2) Copy to the destination with ClipByChildren
      (potentially omitting one one of the steps if source or destination are
      known to be Pixmaps).
      commit 0c5d28a4
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    • Nis Martensen's avatar
      [path] Fix missing implicit move-to · 158ab5cd
      Nis Martensen authored and Chris Wilson's avatar Chris Wilson committed
      When cairo_curve_to happens to start a new subpath (e.g., after a call
      to cairo_new_sub_path()), it also needs to update the last_move_point.
      Otherwise the new current point after a close_path() will be at an
      unexpected position.
      Therefore, call _cairo_path_fixed_move_to() explicitly.
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    • Chris Wilson's avatar
      [ft] Don't call FT_Done_Face() on a face we do not own · 2fd0beab
      Chris Wilson authored
      _font_map_release_face_lock_held() was being called unconditionally during
      _cairo_ft_font_reset_static_data(). This presents two problems. The first
      is that we call FT_Done_Face() on an object not owned by cairo, and the
      second is that the bookkeeping is then incorrect which will trigger an
      assert later.
  12. 03 Jun, 2009 16 commits