Commit d909a739 authored by Uli Schlachter's avatar Uli Schlachter

Merge branch 'use_correct_variable' into 'master'

Replace $have_png with $use_png

See merge request !88
parents f5d32c07 f271715f
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......@@ -843,7 +843,7 @@ CAIRO_ENABLE(symbol_lookup, symbol-lookup, auto, [
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(glib, glib-2.0, have_glib=yes, have_glib=no)
AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_SPHINX, test "x$have_glib" = "xyes" -a "x$have_windows" = "xno" -a "x$have_png" = "xyes")
AM_CONDITIONAL(BUILD_SPHINX, test "x$have_glib" = "xyes" -a "x$have_windows" = "xno" -a "x$use_png" = "xyes")
AC_CHECK_LIB(rt, shm_open, shm_LIBS="-lrt")
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