Commit 71e9372b authored by Carl Worth's avatar Carl Worth
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Fix text disappearing after space (bug #6617)

What happened here is that when fixing bug #5734 we cahnged the
glyph image cache lookup to never return a NULL pointer, but to
instead return a 0x0 image surface. We didn't also update code
that was looking for a NULL pointer here, and as such we were
calling XRenderAddGlyphs with a 0x0 image which apparently
tickles a bug in some X servers.
parent e9425186
......@@ -2063,7 +2063,7 @@ _xlib_glyphset_cache_create_entry (void *abstract_cache,
entry->key = *key;
_cairo_unscaled_font_reference (entry->key.unscaled);
if (!im->image) {
if (im->image->width == 0 || im->image->height == 0) {
entry->glyph = None;
entry->glyphset = None;
entry->key.base.memory = 0;
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