1. 15 Feb, 2009 1 commit
    • Karl Tomlinson's avatar
      Change FcCharSetMerge API · 575ee6cd
      Karl Tomlinson authored
      To only work on writable charsets.  Also, return a bool indicating whether
      the merge changed the charset.
      Also changes the implementation of FcCharSetMerge and FcCharSetIsSubset
  2. 14 Feb, 2009 6 commits
  3. 01 Jun, 2008 1 commit
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  5. 04 May, 2008 2 commits
  6. 10 Jan, 2008 1 commit
  7. 14 Nov, 2007 1 commit
  8. 13 Nov, 2007 1 commit
  9. 05 Nov, 2007 2 commits
  10. 04 Nov, 2007 2 commits
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Export FcConfig{G,S}etRescanInverval from .so, mark as deprecated. · de1faa42
      Keith Packard authored
      These two names are typos of the correct names. Instead of simply changing
      them, the correct thing to do is leave them in the library, add the correct
      functions and mark them as deprecated so any source packages will be updated.
      This requires bumping the minor version of the library (for adding APIs)
      instead of bumping the major version of the library (for removing APIs).
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Clean up exported names in fontconfig.h. · 088b582a
      Keith Packard authored
      Fix typo errors (Inverval indeed).
      Remove FcPattern *p from FcValue (unused)
      Remove spurious FcPublic from formals.
  11. 03 Nov, 2007 1 commit
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Remove fcprivate.h, move the remaining macros to fcint.h. · b6079229
      Keith Packard authored
      fcprivate.h was supposed to extend the fontconfig API for the various
      fontconfig utilities. Instead, just have those utilities use the internal
      fcint.h header file (which they already do), removing fcprivate.h from the
      installation and hence from the defacto public API.
  12. 25 Oct, 2007 2 commits
  13. 03 Dec, 2006 1 commit
  14. 02 Dec, 2006 1 commit
  15. 15 Sep, 2006 1 commit
  16. 10 Sep, 2006 1 commit
  17. 07 Sep, 2006 2 commits
  18. 05 Sep, 2006 1 commit
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Eliminate .so PLT entries for local symbols. (thanks to Arjan van de Ven) · 23816bf9
      Keith Packard authored
      Using a simple shell script that processes the public headers, two header
      files are constructed that map public symbols to hidden internal aliases
      avoiding the assocated PLT entry for referring to a public symbol.
      A few mistakes in the FcPrivate/FcPublic annotations were also discovered
      through this process
  19. 04 Sep, 2006 1 commit
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Hide private functions in shared library. Export functionality for utilities. · 4984242e
      Keith Packard authored
      Borrowing header stuff written for cairo, fontconfig now exposes in the
      shared library only the symbols which are included in the public header
      files. All private symbols are hidden using suitable compiler directives.
      A few new public functions were required for the fontconfig utility programs
      (fc-cat and fc-cache) so those were added, bumping the .so minor version number
      in the process.
  20. 03 Sep, 2006 3 commits
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Remove all .cvsignore files · 34227592
      Keith Packard authored
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Change version to 2.3.96 · 0945cbe7
      Keith Packard authored
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Add FcMatchScan to resolve Delicious font matching issues (bug #6769) · c2c6976d
      Keith Packard authored
      The Delicious family includes one named Delicious Heavy, a bold variant
      which is unfortunately marked as having normal weight. Because the family
      name is 'Delicious', fontconfig accidentally selects this font instead of
      the normal weight variant. The fix here rewrites the scanned data by running
      the scanned pattern through a new substitution sequence tagged with
      <match target=scan>; a sample for the Delicious family is included to
      demonstrate how it works (and fix Delicious at the same time).
      Also added was a new match predicate -- the 'decorative' predicate which is
      automatically detected in fonts by searching style names for key decorative
      phrases like SmallCaps, Shadow, Embosed and Antiqua. Suggestions for
      additional decorative key words are welcome. This should have little effect
      on font matching except when two fonts share the same characteristics except
      for this value.
  21. 31 Aug, 2006 1 commit
  22. 30 Aug, 2006 1 commit
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Rework cache files to use offsets for all data structures. · 7ce19673
      Keith Packard authored
      Replace all of the bank/id pairs with simple offsets, recode several
      data structures to always use offsets inside the library to avoid
      conditional paths. Exposed data structures use pointers to hold offsets,
      setting the low bit to distinguish between offset and pointer.
      Use offset-based data structures for lang charset encodings; eliminates
      separate data structure format for that file.
      Much testing will be needed; offsets are likely not detected everywhere in
      the library yet.
  23. 04 Aug, 2006 1 commit
  24. 19 Apr, 2006 1 commit
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  28. 21 Dec, 2005 1 commit
    • Patrick Lam's avatar
      Bump version to 2.3.93. · 3bfae75d
      Patrick Lam authored
      Use open instead of fopen (requested by Phil Race for Sun).
      src/fccache.c (FcDirCacheWrite);
      Fix GCC4 warning and Makefile brokenness for /var/cache/fontconfig dir.