Commit dbda1171 authored by Akira TAGOH's avatar Akira TAGOH

No need to be public

parent 359ada2b
......@@ -831,9 +831,6 @@ FcPatternEqualSubset (const FcPattern *pa, const FcPattern *pb, const FcObjectSe
FcPublic FcChar32
FcPatternHash (const FcPattern *p);
FcPublic int
FcPatternPosition (const FcPattern *p, const char *object);
FcPublic FcBool
FcPatternAdd (FcPattern *p, const char *object, FcValue value, FcBool append);
......@@ -1040,6 +1040,9 @@ FcPatternObjectGetRange (const FcPattern *p, FcObject object, int id, FcRange **
FcPrivate FcBool
FcPatternAppend (FcPattern *p, FcPattern *s);
FcPrivate int
FcPatternPosition (const FcPattern *p, const char *object);
FcPrivate FcChar32
FcStringHash (const FcChar8 *s);
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