This is bolt 0.5 'You've got the Power'

New Features:

  • Force-Power DBus API (!101)
    • A new interface to boltd to control the (force) power mechanism (#106)
    • Switch off power with a delay so we don't run into races (#104)
  • Add representation of thunderbolt domains
    This is a preparation for the boot acl support
  • Authorizing devices, after upgrading from USER to SECURE security level, will lead to key upgrades (!107)
  • Connection and Authorization times are now stored (!105)
  • Systemd dependency is now optional (!106, !103)
  • Company and brand names are cleaned up for the display name (#102)

Bug fixes and cleanups:

  • Emit proper notification for security-level property changes (!100)
  • Auto generate the object path for BoltDevice (!102)

NB for packagers:

  • -Ddb-path is DEPRECATED, use -Ddb-name instead (!113)
  • meson >= 0.44.0 is required.
  • systemd unit files got updated:
    • After=polkit.service (!116)
    • Use systemd for runtime and state directory management (!113)
    • Sandbox is tightened (!97)