Release bolt 0.3 'Capture The Flags'

Prepare for upcoming kernel changes:

  • Support for usbonly (SL4) security level (#75)
  • Support for boot sysfs device attribute (#76)

DBus API changes:

  • BoltStatus was split (#81), so that:
    • Device.Status does not report authorized-xxx anymore
    • Device.AuthFlags added to indicate auth details, e.g. secure, nopci, boot, nokey (#76)
  • BoltSecurity and thus Manager.SecurityLevel can report usbonly (#75)


  • async versions for many function calls
  • more efficient getters, resulting in reduced allocations
  • boltctl reports Device.AuthFlags
  • boltctl prints more and better version info via boltctl monitor

Other bugfixes and improvements include:

  • more robust flags/enum conversion