Release bolt 0.2 'I broke the Bus'

Lots of changes, the most significant:

  • database location moved (now in /var/lib/boltd)
    • devices enrolled with bolt 0.1 need to be re-enrolled (or the database moved from the old location)
  • DBus API changed (lots of strings)
    • Enums are transmitted as strings
    • Device.Security property is gone; replaced by authorized-dponly status and Manager.SecurityLevel ( #37, #38, #62)
    • Various timestamps got added: Device.ConnectTime, Device.StoreTime and Device.AuthorizeTime (#46 #57)
    • Device.Label (readwrite) was added so devices can be given custom names (#46)
    • Device.Type added, to differentiate between host and peripherals
    • Manager.AuthMode (readwrite) was added to control (auto) authorization (#48)

Other bugfixes and improvements include:

  • Ensure we get a DeviceAdded signal on startup (#58)
  • Support for legacy devices that have no key sysfs attribute (#67)
  • Use structured logging and avoid printing UUIDs in non-debug log code (#36 #60)
  • Other internal restructuring for cleaner code (#43)