1. 17 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      manager: un-export device in deregister_device · 04c3bb1e
      Christian Kellner authored
      Remove some duplicated code by moving the un-export code for the
      device to a central location: `manager_deregister_device`. This
      method will be called for all devices that can be de-registered,
      i.e. either devices that got disconnected and are not store via
      the `handle_udev_device_removed` udev event handler, or devices
      that got remove from the store and are disconnected. The latter
      is handled via `handle_store_device_removed`. In both cases the
      device should be de-registered and (if exported) be un-exported.
      Thus this is where the un-export code is now moved to.
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