Commit f3395f9c authored by Christian Kellner's avatar Christian Kellner
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manager: better logging for domain de-registration

Use the LOG_DOM () macro and do not use `bolt_domain_get_id`
which might return NULL for disconnected domains.
parent 2f9a04d6
...@@ -1067,10 +1067,8 @@ static void ...@@ -1067,10 +1067,8 @@ static void
manager_deregister_domain (BoltManager *mgr, manager_deregister_domain (BoltManager *mgr,
BoltDomain *domain) BoltDomain *domain)
{ {
const char *name; bolt_info (LOG_TOPIC ("manager"), LOG_DOM (domain),
name = bolt_domain_get_id (domain);
bolt_info (LOG_TOPIC ("domain"), "'%s' removed", name);
mgr->domains = bolt_domain_remove (mgr->domains, domain); mgr->domains = bolt_domain_remove (mgr->domains, domain);
} }
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