Commit 9e859394 authored by Christian Kellner's avatar Christian Kellner
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manager: clean up stale domains on store upgrade

When the store is upgraded, clean up any stale domains. Previous
versions of bolt (< 0.9.1) would store domains that did not have
stable uuids, i.e. their uuid would change on every boot. These
stored domains would be loaded and exported but would never come
online, since they can not ever by matched to an online domain.
When the store cleanup method is executed, in the manager's
initialization method, the domain controller should either be
powered (they use runtime power management only and are thus not
physically powered down on ice lake anyway) or force-powered and
thus any domain that is not yet online will be removed. This can
fail if the domain has a boot acl journal with entries, which
protects the loss of data for domains that are not force-powered,
maybe because they are even slower, but do have a stable uuid.
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......@@ -56,7 +56,8 @@ static gboolean bolt_manager_initialize (GInitable *initable,
static gboolean bolt_manager_store_init (BoltManager *mgr,
GError **error);
static void bolt_manager_store_upgrade (BoltManager *mgr);
static void bolt_manager_store_upgrade (BoltManager *mgr,
gboolean *upgraded);
/* internal manager functions */
static void manager_sd_notify_status (BoltManager *mgr);
......@@ -80,6 +81,8 @@ static void manager_register_domain (BoltManager *mgr,
static void manager_deregister_domain (BoltManager *mgr,
BoltDomain *domain);
static void manager_cleanup_stale_domains (BoltManager *mgr);
/* device related functions */
static gboolean manager_load_devices (BoltManager *mgr,
GError **error);
......@@ -479,6 +482,7 @@ bolt_manager_initialize (GInitable *initable,
BoltManager *mgr;
struct udev_enumerate *enumerate;
struct udev_list_entry *l, *devices;
gboolean upgraded = FALSE;
gboolean ok;
mgr = BOLT_MANAGER (initable);
......@@ -576,7 +580,10 @@ bolt_manager_initialize (GInitable *initable,
udev_enumerate_unref (enumerate);
/* upgrade the store, if needed */
bolt_manager_store_upgrade (mgr);
bolt_manager_store_upgrade (mgr, &upgraded);
if (upgraded)
manager_cleanup_stale_domains (mgr);
manager_sd_notify_status (mgr);
......@@ -604,7 +611,7 @@ bolt_manager_store_init (BoltManager *mgr, GError **error)
static void
bolt_manager_store_upgrade (BoltManager *mgr)
bolt_manager_store_upgrade (BoltManager *mgr, gboolean *upgraded)
g_autoptr(GError) err = NULL;
BoltStore *store = mgr->store;
......@@ -632,6 +639,8 @@ bolt_manager_store_upgrade (BoltManager *mgr)
ver = bolt_store_get_version (store);
bolt_info (LOG_TOPIC ("store"), "upgraded to version '%d'",
*upgraded = TRUE;
/* internal functions */
......@@ -1066,6 +1075,58 @@ manager_deregister_domain (BoltManager *mgr,
mgr->domains = bolt_domain_remove (mgr->domains, domain);
static void
manager_cleanup_stale_domains (BoltManager *mgr)
g_autoptr(GPtrArray) domains = NULL;
BoltDomain *iter;
guint count;
/* Before bolt 0.9.1, domains were stored that have an
* unstable uuid, i.e. their uuids change on every boot
* and thus there will be store entries that can't be
* matched anymore and thus are "stale".
bolt_info (LOG_TOPIC ("manager"), "stale domain cleanup");
count = bolt_domain_count (mgr->domains);
domains = g_ptr_array_new_full (count, g_object_unref);
iter = mgr->domains;
for (guint i = 0; i < count; i++)
gboolean stored = bolt_domain_is_stored (iter);
gboolean offline = !bolt_domain_is_connected (iter);
if (stored && offline)
g_ptr_array_add (domains, g_object_ref (iter));
iter = bolt_domain_next (iter);
for (guint i = 0; i < domains->len; i++)
g_autoptr(GError) err = NULL;
BoltDomain *dom = g_ptr_array_index (domains, i);
gboolean ok;
bolt_info (LOG_DOM (dom), LOG_TOPIC ("store"),
"stale domain detected");
ok = bolt_store_del_domain (mgr->store, dom, &err);
if (!ok)
bolt_warn_err (err, LOG_DOM (dom),
"failed to delete domain");
manager_deregister_domain (mgr, dom);
/* device related functions */
static gboolean
manager_load_devices (BoltManager *mgr,
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