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CHANGELOG: add 0.9.1 release notes

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Version 0.9.1
_Unstable icy waters_
Released: 2020-11-30
* Bug fixes for integrated thunderbolt controllers:
On Ice Lake, the Thunderbolt 3 i/o subsystem is fully integrated into the die.
As a side effect it does not have a DROM, which means the host udev device
does not have the device and vendor name and id attributes.
Additionally the `unique_id` of said host controller changes with every boot,
which breaks one of the fundamental assumptions in `boltd`. Therefore a number
of bug fixes were necessary to properly support this new architecture:
- Don't store domains where uuids change across reboots [!220]
- Fixes for the journal and the domain's acl-log [!221]
- Version the store and use that to clean up stale domains once [!226, !231]
- Host identification for embedded thunderbolt controllers [!233]
* Various other small bug fixes and memory leak fixes.
Version 0.9
_Four comes after Three_
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