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device: use host ident for host devices

If a device is a host device, i.e. does not have a parent device, use
the new host identification method, which will transparently fall
back to use the SMBIOS/DMI information, in case the standard
device information is not available, which is the case on embedded
thunderbolt controllers.
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......@@ -1194,15 +1194,19 @@ bolt_device_new_for_udev (struct udev_device *udev,
if (!ok)
return NULL;
ok = bolt_sysfs_device_ident (udev, &id, error);
if (!ok)
return NULL;
if (info.parent == NULL)
if (type == BOLT_DEVICE_HOST)
ok = bolt_sysfs_host_ident (udev, &id, error);
ok = bolt_sysfs_device_ident (udev, &id, error);
if (!ok)
return NULL;
ct = (guint64) info.ctim;
status = bolt_status_from_info (&info);
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