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HACKING: add Address Sanitizer section

Describe how to use the Address Sanitizer in bolt.
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......@@ -44,6 +44,23 @@ To manually invoke `gcovr` and exclude the `cli` directory use:
gcovr -r <builddir> -e cli -s
Address Sanitizer
The Address Sanitizer can be used to detect memory errors, i.e.
memory leaks and undefined behavior. Use `clang` for this, since
there the needed library (`libasan`) is dynamically loaded,
instead of pre-loaded via `LD_PRELOAD` when using `gcc`, which
conflicts with our pre-load needed for `umockdev`.
env CC=clang meson -Db_sanitize=address,undefined . <builddir>
ninja -C <builddir> test
NB: There might be a warning that `b_lundef` is needed as well.
It seems to work just fine right now without it.
Static analysis
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