Commit 2bda06b9 authored by Christian Kellner's avatar Christian Kellner
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device: use dev->store in handle_forget

parent cac75432
......@@ -664,17 +664,15 @@ handle_forget (BoltDBusDevice *object,
g_autoptr(GError) key_err = NULL;
g_autoptr(GError) dev_err = NULL;
BoltDevice *dev;
BoltStore *store;
gboolean key_ok, dev_ok;
dev = BOLT_DEVICE (object);
store = bolt_manager_get_store (dev->mgr);
key_ok = bolt_store_del_key (store, dev->uid, &key_err);
key_ok = bolt_store_del_key (dev->store, dev->uid, &key_err);
if (!key_ok && bolt_err_notfound (key_err))
key_ok = TRUE;
dev_ok = bolt_store_del_device (store, dev->uid, &dev_err);
dev_ok = bolt_store_del_device (dev->store, dev->uid, &dev_err);
g_debug ("[%s] forgetting: key: %d, dev: %d", dev->uid, key_ok, dev_ok);
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