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docs: document bootacl support in boltd(8)

Now that bootacl support is present in the daemon, document what
bootacl is and how boltd will interact with it.
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......@@ -43,6 +43,20 @@ authorized as soon as they are connected. A command line tool, called
boltctl(1), can be used to control the daemon and perform all the
above mentioned tasks.
The pre-boot access control list (*BootACL*) feature is active when
supported by the firmware and when 'boltd' is running on a new enough
Linux kernel (>= 4.17). The 'BootACL' is a a list of UUIDs, that can
be written to the thunderbolt controller. If enabled in the BIOS, all
devices in that list will be authorized by the firmware during
pre-boot, which means these devices can be used in the BIOS setup and
also during Linux early boot. NB: *no device verification* is done,
even when the security level is set to 'secure' mode in the BIOS, i.e.
the maximal effective security level for devices in the 'BootACL' is
only 'user'. If 'BootACL' support is present, all new devices will be
automatically added. Devices that are 'forgotten' (removed from 'boltd')
will also be removed from the 'BootACL'. When a controller is offline,
changes to the 'BootACL' will be written to a journal and synchronized
back when the controller is online again.
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