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    • Marco Trevisan's avatar
      manager: Use GEnum to register DBus errors from FprintError · 4e707f0d
      Marco Trevisan authored
      Given that mk_genenum already parses FprintError, add the nick metadata
      to the errors so that it matches the wanted DBus error and automatically
      generate the errors list.
      In this way we'll have to only touch one definition to get everything
    • Marco Trevisan's avatar
      manager: Add GDBus object manager · 30474a65
      Marco Trevisan authored
      This is not used right now in all its full possibilities, but will make
      devices hotplug support easier to implement and handle at client-side
      As per this we can stop doing the manual tracking of the devices.
    • Marco Trevisan's avatar
      fprintd: Use GDBus codegen based implementation · 93bad825
      Marco Trevisan authored
      Fprintd is dependent on the deprecated dbus-glib, also this doesn't provide
      various features we can take advantage of, like the ones for async
      authentication mechanism.
      So, remove all the dbus-glib dependencies and simplify the code, but without
      any further refactor, and keeping everything as it used to work, while this
      will give room for further improvements in subsequent commits.
      Internally, we just use dbus-codegen to generate the skeletons, and we
      use the generated FprintdDBusManager with composition, while we
      implement the device skeleton interface in FprintDevice, so that we
      don't have to use it as a proxy, and keep being closer to what it used
      to be with dbus-glib.
      Fixes: #61
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  7. 05 Feb, 2020 1 commit
    • Marco Trevisan's avatar
      main: Move fprintd_dbus_conn declaration to main.c · 130d6cdb
      Marco Trevisan authored
      There's no need to declare it as extern in the header as it is already
      declared in the source files where it's used.
      ../src/device.c:51:25: error: redundant redeclaration of ‘fprintd_dbus_conn’ [-Werror=redundant-decls]
        51 | extern DBusGConnection *fprintd_dbus_conn;
           |                         ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      In file included from ../src/device.c:34:
      ../src/fprintd.h:29:25: note: previous declaration of ‘fprintd_dbus_conn’ was here
        29 | extern DBusGConnection *fprintd_dbus_conn;
           |                         ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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    • Bastien Nocera's avatar
      Clean up object creation code · 017f7704
      Bastien Nocera authored
      Make all of FPrintManager's struct members private,
      warn of errors using a _get_error() function, as object
      creation can never fail.
      The only error possible shouldn't really be an error though,
      as it only means that no devices will be enumerated, but it
      could tell us about newly plugged devices instead.
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