Commit de725a91 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg
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verify: Print message about verification start from callback

It seems that GLib may process multiple DBus signals in one mainloop
iteration. This could cause messages to be re-ordered, which in turn
caused a race condition in the CI that could trigger random failures.
parent 18392cba
......@@ -160,7 +160,10 @@ verify_started_cb (GObject *obj,
struct VerifyState *verify_state = user_data;
if (fprint_dbus_device_call_verify_start_finish (FPRINT_DBUS_DEVICE (obj), res, &verify_state->error))
verify_state->started = TRUE;
g_print ("Verify started!\n");
verify_state->started = TRUE;
static void
......@@ -226,7 +229,6 @@ do_verify (FprintDBusDevice *dev)
g_clear_error (&verify_state.error);
exit (1);
g_print ("Verify started!\n");
/* VerifyStatus signals are processing, wait for completion. */
while (!verify_state.completed)
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