Commit c6647ba8 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg
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tests: Add test that enforces a verify/identify operation restart

In the usual test we cancel the operation immediately by calling
VerifyStop. This (often) tests the case where we don't end up restarting
the Verify operation internally.

We can easily force fprintd to have restarted already internally, so add
a test that does so by sleeping a bit. This should give us a slightly
higher branch coverage in the verify_cb/identify_cb tests.
parent 988ee01f
......@@ -1214,6 +1214,12 @@ class FPrintdVirtualDeviceVerificationTests(FPrintdVirtualDeviceBaseTest):
def test_verify_retry_general(self):
self.assertVerifyRetry(FPrint.DeviceRetry.GENERAL, 'verify-retry-scan')
def test_verify_retry_general_restarted(self):
self.assertVerifyRetry(FPrint.DeviceRetry.GENERAL, 'verify-retry-scan')
# Give fprintd time to re-start the request. We can't force the other
# case (cancellation before restart happened), but we can force this one.
def test_verify_retry_too_short(self):
self.assertVerifyRetry(FPrint.DeviceRetry.TOO_SHORT, 'verify-swipe-too-short')
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