Commit c18ebaf9 authored by Marco Trevisan's avatar Marco Trevisan
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scripts: Add uncrustify scripts for reformatting fprintd source code

We follow libfprint here, using GNOME format
parent 4a80bfac
newlines lf
input_tab_size 8
output_tab_size 8
string_escape_char 92
string_escape_char2 0
# indenting
indent_columns 2
indent_with_tabs 0
indent_align_string True
indent_brace 2
indent_braces false
indent_braces_no_func True
indent_func_call_param false
indent_func_def_param false
indent_func_proto_param false
indent_switch_case 0
indent_case_brace 2
indent_paren_close 1
# spacing
sp_arith Add
sp_assign Add
sp_enum_assign Add
sp_bool Add
sp_compare Add
sp_inside_paren Remove
sp_inside_fparens Remove
sp_func_def_paren Force
sp_func_proto_paren Force
sp_paren_paren Remove
sp_balance_nested_parens False
sp_paren_brace Remove
sp_before_square Remove
sp_before_squares Remove
sp_inside_square Remove
sp_before_ptr_star Add
sp_between_ptr_star Remove
sp_after_comma Add
sp_before_comma Remove
sp_after_cast Add
sp_sizeof_paren Add
sp_not Remove
sp_inv Remove
sp_addr Remove
sp_member Remove
sp_deref Remove
sp_sign Remove
sp_incdec Remove
sp_attribute_paren remove
sp_macro Force
sp_func_call_paren Force
sp_func_call_user_paren Remove
set func_call_user _ N_ C_ g_autoptr g_auto
sp_brace_typedef add
sp_cond_colon add
sp_cond_question add
sp_defined_paren remove
# alignment
align_keep_tabs False
align_with_tabs False
align_on_tabstop False
align_number_right False
align_func_params True
align_var_def_span 0
align_var_def_amp_style 1
align_var_def_colon true
align_enum_equ_span 0
align_var_struct_span 2
align_var_def_star_style 2
align_var_def_amp_style 2
align_typedef_span 2
align_typedef_func 0
align_typedef_star_style 2
align_typedef_amp_style 2
# newlines
nl_assign_leave_one_liners True
nl_enum_leave_one_liners False
nl_func_leave_one_liners False
nl_if_leave_one_liners False
nl_end_of_file Add
nl_assign_brace Remove
nl_func_var_def_blk 1
nl_fcall_brace Add
nl_enum_brace Remove
nl_struct_brace Force
nl_union_brace Force
nl_if_brace Force
nl_brace_else Force
nl_elseif_brace Force
nl_else_brace Add
nl_for_brace Force
nl_while_brace Force
nl_do_brace Force
nl_brace_while Force
nl_switch_brace Force
nl_before_case True
nl_after_case False
nl_func_type_name Force
nl_func_proto_type_name Remove
nl_func_paren Remove
nl_func_decl_start Remove
nl_func_decl_args Force
nl_func_decl_end Remove
nl_fdef_brace Force
nl_after_return False
nl_define_macro False
nl_create_if_one_liner False
nl_create_for_one_liner False
nl_create_while_one_liner False
nl_after_semicolon True
nl_multi_line_cond true
# mod
# I'd like these to be remove, but that removes brackets in if { if { foo } }, which i dislike
# Not clear what to do about that...
mod_full_brace_for Remove
mod_full_brace_if Remove
mod_full_brace_if_chain True
mod_full_brace_while Remove
mod_full_brace_do Remove
mod_full_brace_nl 3
mod_paren_on_return Remove
# line splitting
#code_width = 78
ls_for_split_full True
ls_func_split_full True
# positioning
pos_bool Trail
pos_conditional Trail
SRCROOT=`git rev-parse --show-toplevel`
echo "srcroot: $SRCROOT"
case "$1" in
OPTS="--replace --no-backup"
pushd "$SRCROOT"
uncrustify -c "$CFG" $OPTS `git ls-tree --name-only -r HEAD | grep -E '.*\.[ch]$' | grep -v build/`
exit $RES
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