Commit a4b06c22 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg
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device: Emit VerifyFingerSelected after the method returned

In order to be race free, clients need to ignore all signals until after
the DBus method to start verification has returned. So the signal must
be emitted later than it currently is.
parent 5ccaa094
......@@ -1214,13 +1214,13 @@ static gboolean fprint_device_verify_start (FprintDBusDevice *dbus_dev,
(GAsyncReadyCallback) verify_cb, rdev);
fprint_dbus_device_complete_verify_start (dbus_dev, invocation);
/* Emit VerifyFingerSelected telling the front-end which finger
* we selected for auth */
g_signal_emit(rdev, signals[SIGNAL_VERIFY_FINGER_SELECTED],
0, finger_num_to_name (finger_num));
fprint_dbus_device_complete_verify_start (dbus_dev, invocation);
return TRUE;
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