Commit 5ccb9ba0 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg
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tests: Do not eat fprintd output in PAM test

It may be useful, just let it go to stdout/stderr.
parent f4eaacd0
......@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ import sys
import subprocess
import dbus
import dbusmock
import fcntl
import glob
import os
import shutil
......@@ -75,10 +74,7 @@ class TestPamFprintd(dbusmock.DBusTestCase):
def setUp(self):
(self.p_mock, self.obj_fprintd_manager) = self.spawn_server_template(
self.template_name, {}, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
# set log to nonblocking
flags = fcntl.fcntl(self.p_mock.stdout, fcntl.F_GETFL)
fcntl.fcntl(self.p_mock.stdout, fcntl.F_SETFL, flags | os.O_NONBLOCK)
self.template_name, {})
self.obj_fprintd_mock = dbus.Interface(self.obj_fprintd_manager, 'net.reactivated.Fprint.Manager.Mock')
def tearDown(self):
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