Commit 1bc71e8b authored by Emma Anholt's avatar Emma Anholt
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v3d: Only look up the 3rd texture gather offset for non-arrays.

Fixes assertion failures in the CTS since Karol's cleanup when NIR started
noticing that we were reading an invalid component.

Fixes: 5450f1c9 ("v3d: prefer using nir_src_comp_as_int over nir_src_as_const_value")
parent a0dae78e
......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ v3d40_vir_emit_tex(struct v3d_compile *c, nir_tex_instr *instr)
if (instr->coord_components >= 2)
p2_unpacked.offset_t =
nir_src_comp_as_int(instr->src[i].src, 1);
if (instr->coord_components >= 3)
if (non_array_components >= 3)
p2_unpacked.offset_r =
nir_src_comp_as_int(instr->src[i].src, 2);
} else {
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