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    • Andres Gomez's avatar
      ci: disentangle tags for containers and artifacts produced by them · 1be7d877
      Andres Gomez authored
      In order to reduce the amount of building work and network traffic, we
      use docker caching. For that, we use the MESA_IMAGE_TAG and
      MESA_BASE_TAG env variables which build the MESA_IMAGE variable to
      identify different containers.
      We are also using these tags to identify the cached artifacts produced
      by other containers when those are part of the underlying OS to run
      directly in DUTs through the DISTRIBUTION_TAG env variable.
      The undesirable collateral effect is that we cannot combine a test job
      using a container which would like to make use of some of the cached
      artifacts created by another container. In other words, we cannot have
      a job using a DISTRIBUTION_TAG and a MESA_IMAGE using a different
      MESA_[IMAGE|BASE]_TAG variables.
      Now, we split the usage in the DISTRIBUTION_TAG through the definition
      Signed-off-by: Andres Gomez's avatarAndres Gomez <agomez@igalia.com>
      Reviewed-by: Martin Roukala's avatarMartin Peres <martin.peres@mupuf.org>
      Part-of: <mesa/mesa!10977>
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    • Emma Anholt's avatar
      ci: Bump deqp-runner to v0.6.3. · 0b4691d6
      Emma Anholt authored
      This adds a piglit runner that we'll be using on freedreno, better
      xfail/unexpectedpass handling for some cases (Missing->Pass, Warn->Warn),
      better error logging for the Missing issue we've had in CI, a fix for a
      source of Missing, and a pile more unit tests.
      As a result, we now catch that the Missing results for a bunch of our
      tests have gone away.
      Reviewed-by: Juan A. Suárez's avatarJuan A. Suarez Romero <jasuarez@igalia.com>
      Part-of: <mesa/mesa!9468>
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  20. 18 Feb, 2021 1 commit
    • Emma Anholt's avatar
      ci/freedreno: Add a fractional gles31 run with asan enabled. · 95003418
      Emma Anholt authored
      We have to disable the GLSL unit tests because with asan it runs way too
      much code under qemu and times out.  Those unit tests have coverage on
      x86, anyway.
      I also included a vulkan run, which is disabled by default due to timeouts
      that I need to sort out still.  It should be a useful tool for turnip
      devs, though.
      Part-of: <mesa/mesa!9070>
  21. 17 Feb, 2021 4 commits