Commit eff418fe authored by Dave Airlie's avatar Dave Airlie Committed by Marge Bot
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nir/edgeflags: update outputs written when lowering edge flags.

In theory you can rerun the info gather pass, but in practice that
doesn't always end well. Be consistent inside this pass and update the

While we're here, change the inputs read to use VERT_BIT_EDGEFLAG.
Reviewed-by: Jason Ekstrand's avatarJason Ekstrand <>
Reviewed-by: Kenneth Graunke's avatarKenneth Graunke <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!11313>
parent 00dc4e0d
......@@ -77,11 +77,12 @@ lower_impl(nir_function_impl *impl)
in->data.location = VERT_ATTRIB_EDGEFLAG;
in->data.driver_location = shader->num_inputs++;
shader->info.inputs_read |= BITFIELD64_BIT(VERT_ATTRIB_EDGEFLAG);
shader->info.inputs_read |= VERT_BIT_EDGEFLAG;
out = nir_variable_create(shader, nir_var_shader_out,
glsl_vec4_type(), "edgeflag_out");
out->data.location = VARYING_SLOT_EDGE;
shader->info.outputs_written |= VARYING_BIT_EDGE;
def = nir_load_var(&b, in);
nir_store_var(&b, out, def, 0xf);
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