Commit bebe23e1 authored by Benjamin Poirier's avatar Benjamin Poirier

evdev: Do not perform spurious detection when spurious is already enabled

When exiting RELEASE_DELAYED state, do not transition into states to detect
the need for spurious mode (RELEASE_WAITING, MAYBE_SPURIOUS).
RELEASE_DELAYED is only entered when spurious mode is enabled, there is no
need to detect the need for spurious mode again.
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......@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@ debounce_release_delayed_handle_event(struct fallback_dispatch *fallback, enum d
log_debounce_bug(fallback, event);
debounce_set_state(fallback, DEBOUNCE_STATE_RELEASE_WAITING);
debounce_set_state(fallback, DEBOUNCE_STATE_RELEASED);
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