WIP: drm_hwcomposer: Add support for Arm Framebuffer Compression (AFBC) modifiers.

One needs to translate the Gralloc buffer flags for AFBC (eg
MALI_GRALLOC_INTFMT_AFBC_BASIC) to the corresponding linux kernel drm modifiers.
This gets passed to libdrm via drmModeAddFB2WithModifiers.

Changes from v1:-
- Moved ConvertGrallocFormatToDrmModifiers() and IsDrmFormatRgb() from 'DrmGenericImporter'
to 'HisiImporter' as suggested by Sean paul
- Check if the format is rgb and set AFBC_FORMAT_MOD_YTR only if any of the AFBC related
Gralloc flags are set.

Signed-off-by: Ayan Kumar Halder <ayan.halder@arm.com>

/-- Note for reviewer
I was able to get this working for hikey960 with aosp/master for kernel 4.14. The libdrm
headers need to be updated as the AFBC modifiers are missing in the aosp/master's external/libdrm.

Change-Id: I66abaa08d19ce88169cc40522b167dfe5efc7036
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