Commit acb74b9b authored by Chase Douglas's avatar Chase Douglas Committed by Peter Hutterer

When deactivating an explicit pointer grab, reject all grabs on touches

Explicit pointer grabs are placed at the head of the touch listener
array for pointer emulated touches. If the grab is deactivated, we must
remove it from all touches for the device.
Signed-off-by: default avatarChase Douglas <>
Reviewed-by: Peter Hutterer's avatarPeter Hutterer <>
(cherry picked from commit 6ca30cb3)
parent 0dea2b1c
......@@ -1472,6 +1472,8 @@ DeactivatePointerGrab(DeviceIntPtr mouse)
DeviceIntPtr dev;
Bool wasImplicit = (mouse->deviceGrab.fromPassiveGrab &&
XID grab_resource = grab->resource;
int i;
......@@ -1496,6 +1498,15 @@ DeactivatePointerGrab(DeviceIntPtr mouse)
/* If an explicit grab was deactivated, we must remove it from the head of
* all the touches' listener lists. */
for (i = 0; mouse->touch && i < mouse->touch->num_touches; i++) {
TouchPointInfoPtr ti = mouse->touch->touches + i;
if (ti->active && TouchResourceIsOwner(ti, grab_resource))
TouchListenerAcceptReject(mouse, ti, 0, XIRejectTouch);
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