Commit 6aadd454 authored by Daniel Stone's avatar Daniel Stone

Fix stupid thinko.

parent c9f6e60d
......@@ -3121,7 +3121,7 @@ ProcXkbSetNamedIndicator(ClientPtr client)
if (!stuff->createMap)
return client->noClientException;
for (led=0,map=NULL;(led<XkbNumIndicators)&&(map==NULL);led++) {
if ((sli->names)&&(sli->leds)&&(sli->names[led]==None)&&
if ((sli->names)&&(sli->maps)&&(sli->names[led]==None)&&
(!XkbIM_InUse(&sli->maps[led]))) {
map= &sli->maps[led];
sli->names[led]= stuff->indicator;
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