Commit 058c0719 authored by Ashok Sidipotu's avatar Ashok Sidipotu
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alsa-monitor: add check for nill monitor

parent f0e587ef
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......@@ -306,7 +306,14 @@ function prepareDevice(parent, id, type, factory, properties)
monitor = SpaDevice("api.alsa.enum.udev",
monitor:connect("create-object", prepareDevice)
if monitor then
monitor:connect("create-object", prepareDevice)
Log.message("PipeWire's SPA ALSA udev plugin(\"api.alsa.enum.udev\") missing or broken. Sound Cards Cannot be enumerated.")
return false
-- create the JACK device (for PipeWire to act as client to a JACK server)
if["alsa.jack-device"] then
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