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      Merge branch 'fix-static-vars-thread-safety-issues' into 'master' · 5f75ed43
      Ralf Habacker authored
      Fix static vars thread safety issues
      Related to dbus/dbus#88
      See merge request dbus/dbus!132
    • Ralf Habacker's avatar
      Add a trivial sanity-check for the atomic primitives · e4feb960
      Ralf Habacker authored
      This doesn't verify that they're atomic, but does verify that they
      return the right things.
      This commit adds a new test function _dbus_test_check (a) to make
      writing tests easier. It checks the given boolean expression and
      generates a "not ok" test result if the expression is false.
      Due to the current design of the test api, the test is only compiled
      if embedded tests were enabled at the time of configuration.
      It was also necessary to move the test_atomic target definitions in
      test/Makefile.am to the --enable-embedded-tests section to avoid a
      make distcheck build error.
      The test case itself has been authored by smcv.
      Co-authored-by: Simon McVittie's avatarSimon McVittie <smcv@collabora.com>
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      Stop using selinux_set_mapping() function · 6072f8b2
      Laurent Bigonville authored
      Currently, if the "dbus" security class or the associated AV doesn't
      exist, dbus-daemon fails to initialize and exits immediately. Also the
      security classes or access vector cannot be reordered in the policy.
      This can be a problem for people developing their own policy or trying
      to access a machine where, for some reasons, there is not policy defined
      at all.
      The code here copy the behaviour of the selinux_check_access() function.
      We cannot use this function here as it doesn't allow us to define the
      AVC entry reference.
      See the discussion at https://marc.info/?l=selinux&m=152163374332372&w=2
      Resolves: dbus/dbus#198
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