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doc: Add release notes about changes and API breakage

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Release 0.2
Updated AudioProcessing code to be more current.
Contains API breaking changes.
Upstream changes include:
* Rewritten AGC and voice activity detection
* Intelligibility enhancer
* Extended AEC filter
* Beamformer
* Transient suppressor
* ARM, NEON and MIPS optimisations (MIPS optimisations are not hooked up)
API changes:
* We no longer include a top-level audio_processing.h. The webrtc tree format
is used, so use webrtc/modules/audio_processing/include/audio_processing.h
* The top-level module_common_types.h has also been moved to
* C++11 support is now required while compiling client code
* AudioProcessing::Create() does not take any arguments any more
* AudioProcessing::Destroy() is gone, use standard C++ "delete" instead
* Stream parameters are now configured via StreamConfig and ProcessingConfig
rather than set_sample_rate(), set_num_channels(), etc.
* AudioFrame field names have changed
* Use config API for newer audio processing options
* Use ProcessReverseStream() instead of AnalyzeReverseStream(), particularly
when using the intelligibility enhancer
* GainControl::set_analog_level_limits() is broken. The AGC implementation
hard codes 0-255 as the volume range
Other notes:
* The new audio processing parameters are not all tested, and a few are not
enabled upstream (in Chromium) either
* The rewritten AGC appears to be less sensitive, and it might make sense to
initialise the capture volume to something reasonable (33% or 50%, for
example) to make sure there is sufficient energy in the stream to trigger
the AGC mechanism
Release 0.1 Release 0.1
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