Commit d58164e4 authored by Rex Dieter's avatar Rex Dieter Committed by Arun Raghavan
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build: enforce linking with --no-undefined, add explicit -lpthread

In investigating x86/sse2 issues in recent webrtc-audio-processing-0.2
release, I found that it was possible for libwebrtc_audio_processing to
contain undefined symbols.

Attached is a patch that addresses this:
* adds -Wl,--no-undefined to libwebrtc_audio_processing_la_LDFLAGS
* adds explicit -lpthread linkage (else, there are undefined references
  to pthread-related symbols)

Signed-off-by: Arun Raghavan's avatarArun Raghavan <>
parent 9a0e28ca
......@@ -166,8 +166,11 @@ libwebrtc_audio_processing_la_LIBADD = $(top_builddir)/webrtc/ \
$(top_builddir)/webrtc/base/ \
$(top_builddir)/webrtc/system_wrappers/ \
$(top_builddir)/webrtc/common_audio/ \
libwebrtc_audio_processing_la_LDFLAGS = $(AM_LDFLAGS) -version-info $(LIBWEBRTC_AUDIO_PROCESSING_VERSION_INFO)
$(top_builddir)/webrtc/modules/audio_coding/ \
libwebrtc_audio_processing_la_LDFLAGS = $(AM_LDFLAGS) \
-Wl,--no-undefined \
# FIXME: The MIPS optimisations need to be hooked up once we have the
# autotools conditionals in place
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