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# About
This is meant to be a more Linux packaging friendly copy of the AudioProcessing
module from the [ WebRTC ]( project. The
......@@ -12,14 +11,29 @@ the code and hopefully eventually have a single point of packaging all the
WebRTC code to help people reuse the code and avoid keeping private copies in
several different projects.
# Building
This project uses the [Meson build system]( The
quickest way to build is:
# Initialise into the build/ directory, for a prefixed install into the
# install/ directory
meson . build -Dprefix=$PWD/install
# Run the actual build
ninja -C build
# Install locally
ninja -C buils install
# The libraries, headers, and pkg-config files are now in the install/
# directory
# Feedback
Patches, suggestions welcome. You can file an issue on our Gitlab
# Notes
1. It might be nice to try LTO on the library. We build a lot of code as part
of the main AudioProcessing module deps, and it's possible that this could
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